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Richard Adeney

Richard Adeney was born in 1920, the son of the painter Bernard Adeney. His mother was also a painter, and knew many of the artists and writers now labelled as “the Bloomsbury Group”. He went to the Royal College of Music, where one of his contemporaries and close friends was Malcolm Arnold. He joined the London Philharmonic in 1941, initially as second flute, and played with them until 1950 and again from 1961 to 1970.

During his time with the LPO he played under all the great conductors of the time; his book contains perceptive, entertaining and at times delightfully disrespectful anecdotes about many of them. “Never ever forget,” he was told by the first flute early on in his career, “that the conductor is your natural enemy.”

He was a member of the Melos Ensemble, the English Chamber Orchestra and other smaller groups, and performed frequently as a soloist. He played regularly at the Aldeburgh Festival, where the orchestra gave the first performances of many of Benjamin Britten’s works. He also worked as a Samaritans volunteer for many years.

He retired from professional work at the age of 70 and promptly sold all his flutes “for I feared becoming an incompetent amateur sadly harking back to lost expertise” but remains actively involved in the world of classical music.

Richard Adeney died in December 2010.

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David Andrew

David Andrew was born in Manchester in 1939, went to school in Lancaster and Macclesfield – and graduated, in philosophy, in 2001.
He worked in public administration: first in the NHS but principally in the Civil Service, retiring from the Department of Health in 1996.
David began writing poetry in the mid-50s, prompted by getting the English Prize for the Science 5th. (The Faber Book of Twentieth Century Verse.)
His work appeared occasionally in the 60s. Lately he put his mind to getting published more widely… Read more

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Gavin Bantock


Born 4th July, 1939 in Barnt Green, near Birmingham. Graduated from New College, Oxford in 1963. Moved to Japan in 1969, became a university professor, and has lived there ever since. He has published more than ten collections of verse and verse translations, and has written and directed numerous full-length and short English-language dramas, and directed some 200 stage productions in Japan, including 35 of Shakespeare’s plays… Read more

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Bonnie Cullen

Bonnie Cullen teaches History of Art at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California. After graduating from the University of Chicago, she began her career working at the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery… Read more

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Chris Dewey

Chris Dewey is the Editor of Mike Oldfield’s fan magazine and has worked directly with Mike Oldfield… Read more

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John Dewey

John Dewey was born in 1942 and grew up in Greater London. He studied languages at Cambridge and for many years taught German and Russian in schools and further education. Early retirement brought an opportunity to branch out into literary translation… Read more

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Sue Evans

Being born and bred in cities and starting my teaching career in Birmingham, I came to Mere and found it a huge cultural shock to the system. After bemoaning the lack of street lighting, and heavens above! cows in fields, I soon realised that my social life was far richer in this small Wiltshire town… Read more

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John E Garrod

John Garrod was born in London in 1931 and was educated at Highgate School and Merton College, Oxford where he read Greats. He spent a year as “Assistant d’anglais” at the Ecole normale of La-Roche-sur-Yon and, when he returned to England, trained as a librarian at Lambeth Public Library. He then worked for the British Council as Deputy Director, Reviews Department and after that became SHAPE Librarian where he worked until retiring to Monaco in 1992… Read more

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David Grierson

David Grierson was born in 1950 in Northumberland and brought up in Greater
London. After teaching music and drama in both state and independent sectors
in the UK for more than twenty five years, he moved to northern China in
August 2000 as part of the set up team for the new British international
school in the city of Tianjin where he remained for three years… Read more

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RJ Hansford

RJ Hansford was born in the New Forest parish of Fawley, and still lives
in the house built by his English grandfather in 1923… Read more

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Sebastian Hayes

Sebastian Hayes (a pen-name) spent an idyllic childhood in Africa. He
was educated at Kingswood School, Bath and Wadham College, Oxford, where
he read English. Between the ages of twenty-five and forty he lived in
France, first in Paris, then in Avignon and rural Provence… Read more

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Jeremy Hilton

I was born in Leigh near Manchester in 1945, and raised in south-east London. When I was in my early teens we moved to the Cumbrian coast, I was sent to boarding-school, and then my father died from a form of leukemia. This hit me hard and changed me a lot, forcing me to grow up fast. I was helped by a developing interest in literature, particularly poetry and fiction, which was boosted by several months working in a library after leaving school. For 3 years I studied English Literature at Cambridge, but I was becoming more interested in social anthropology and sociology… Read more

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Arnold Hinchliffe

Arnold Hinchliffe was born in 1922 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. He was educated at Huddersfield College and Manchester University where he took his M.A. in English Language and Literature. He served four years in the RAF (in Egypt, India, Burma and Malaya), then travelled around in Europe before settling down to a teaching and writing career in London… Read more

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J Leigh Hirst

Leigh Hirst was born in 1939 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, the year that the last coal mine in that city shut down. All four of his antecedent families, starting in 1863, came to Nanaimo from the UK – the men to work in the coal mines. Leigh graduated with a BA from the University of British Columbia in 1963 and soon thereafter married his wife Gillian and began a 32 year career in the investment business, from which he retired in 1998… Read more

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Adrienne Howell

I hail from an old Mere family and have lived in the town most of my life. I attended Mere Infant and Junior schools and then Shaftesbury High School for Girls. I trained as a teacher and taught in local schools but have also been employed in other jobs including office work… Read more

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Chris Irven

When he was about 9, Christopher Irven became aware that the father was
head of a family. For much of the war his father, an army officer, was
away and all big decisions seemed to be taken by his mother. As the war
was ending, Christopher was taken out of an abusive preparatory school
and 18 months later the reunited family left for Kenya… Read more

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Jenny Johnson

Jenny Johnson was born in Bristol just after the 1939-45 World War – her mother was of Russian Jewish parentage and her father was an American Jew. However, as neither of them was able to care for her, she was eventually adopted…One of her main poetic influences at that time was the sonnet form… Read more

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Pam Kelly

Pam Kelly has written poetry all her life and still has little sentimental
poems written when she was a tot, and longer, surprisingly adult and insightful
poems written when she was eleven and twelve, some lines of which she occasionally
steals for her work today. As a teenager she wrote songs and comic sketches
for school productions… Read more

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Geoffrey Martyn

Geoffrey Martyn was born in Manchester, the son of a doctor. He attended private schools, followed by London University. He qualified as a Chartered Surveyor, and spent most of his working life in Local Government Service… Read more

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Dorothy Mules née Tabb

Dorothy Tabb was the daughter of a jobbing dressmaker and seaman father
who died before he was thirty. She worked as a Primary School teacher in
a remote country school in Cornwall before accompanying her husband to
the African bush. A well known Shaftesbury personality, she only just missed
reaching a hundred and was alert up to the very moment of her death… Read more

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Marilyn Norvell

Marilyn Norvell has been immersed in horticulture all her life. Her mother’s family grew and sold asparagusand strawberries at Covent Garden in the 19th century, bringing over the first oranges from Spain.

From horticultural training at Plumpton College in East Sussex developed a varied career… Read more

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Sylvia Oldroyd

Sylvia Oldroyd writes : “I cannot remember a time when I was not
fascinated by language. Born in the West Riding, I absorbed its speech
from my grandmother. My father frequently quoted the Bible and made up
humorous rhymes on the spot. A lyrical influence came from my mother’s
piano-playing…” Read more

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Stephen Owen

Stephen Owen was born near Stratford on Avon, and was educated at Warwick School. He lived and worked in the Netherlands and Italy before attending University. He has always been captivated by Poetry. Stephen Owen is also interested in positional astronomy and astrology. He is a member of the British Interplanetary Society…” Read  more

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John H Pollard

Born in 1933, John Pollard’s writing is based on his studies of Classics
and Law, enhanced by a lifetime’s work in business and local government… Read more

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Clive Russell

Brought up in Britain during the wartime years and beyond, I have since
travelled extensively during Army Service and in the Merchant Navy interspersed
with long periods working ashore in New Zealand & Australia.
I’ve finally retired and live quite happily in Salisbury… Read more

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Syed Shah

Dr Shah is a psychiatrist who has practised in the NHS for fifteen years, working in adult psychiatry, elderly psychiatry, drug addiction, and community psychiatry… Read more

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Catherine Simmonds et al

This group comprises of Catherine Simmonds, Rachel Sargent, Justin Orwin and Keith Walton… Read more

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JC Sledge

Chris Sledge was born in Leeds, the son of a University Lecturer. To
his continuing regret he was sent to Rugby School, where his only
achievement of note was to play cricket for the school at Lord’s.
He was educated at Cambridge University, where he read Economics… Read more

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Keith Walton

I was born in Morecambe. When I was two we moved to Lancaster, where
we lived over the tripe shop my mother ran. My father was greenkeeper at
a local golf club. I went to the local grammar school – another world,
that I was both drawn to and repelled by… Read more

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MC Wood

M.C. Wood was born in Surrey in 1938 and has worked as a schoolmistress
in a wide range of schools. Before retirement she was teaching ‘A’
level Art to girls… Read more

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Robert Yates

Robert Yates was born in Southport, but spent his formative years getting criticised in Liverpool. The best thing he ever did was to leave Merseyside and move to Newcastle, ostensibly to do a degree in French and German… Read more

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Yevgeny Zamyatin

Yevgeny Zamyatin (1884-1937) is best known for his novel We, a major influence on Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Zamyatin’s dystopian vision of a totalitarian society of the future, written soon after the Russian Revolution, brought him into disfavour with the ruling Communist Party… Read more

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