Jenny Johnson


Jenny Johnson was born in Bristol just after the 1939-45 World War – her mother was of Russian Jewish parentage and her father was an American Jew. However, as neither of them was able to care for her, she was eventually adopted. At the age of eleven, she became a pupil at The Red Maids’ School – the oldest girls’ school in the country.

One of her main poetic influences at that time was the sonnet form: later in life, it was the free verse of Emily Dickinson, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath that she admired most. Rhythmically, her poems – especially the sequence A Year of Dreams – owe something to the language of Ancient Greece and the songs of the Hebrides. Other influences on her creativity include the relationship with her son, Alex, the meeting with her birth mother, Sylvia, in 1984, and her experience of severe clinical depression.

Jenny now lives in Exmouth, Devon, with her husband, Noel Harrower. Her main interests, apart from poetry, are creating and teaching circle dances and practising Reiki. She can be contacted via her website – – where all her dances and musical sources are listed.