The Loving Scapegoat


The prayer form called the Stations of the Cross has been used for centuries. Groups of 14 or so shrines or even oratories can be found dotted around the world, particularly in hilly regions, leading the pilgrim in stages or ‘stations’ to a Calvary at the top. Miniatures of this ‘way of the Cross’ decorate the interiors of many churches and are used for the same purpose – a prayerful accompanying of Jesus on his last journey to death for us. Some end sadly, leaving the pilgrim to ponder the infinite price God places on our souls. Others end in the journey’s inevitable culmination – his resurrection, and ours.

This wonderful prayer form has a growing ecumenical appeal for young and old, and should not be ‘saved up for Lent.’ Neither should it necessarily resort to the sentiment and language of times past: rather, it should be seen through our own eyes and lives in today’s world. The moving and powerful meditations in this illustrated book do that perfectly and with deep theological insight.

ISBN : 978-1-906385-02-6
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